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Quantity-based Shipping

Whether you order 1 book or 100 books, you can always easily calculate your shipping costs before ordering with our quantity-based shipping table.

Low Shipping Costs (U.S. and Canada Only)

In order to keeping shipping easy and affordable for our customers, books are shipped at a flat rate based on quantity using the most economical shipping methods available, which include reasonable delivery times. The base rate for shipping one book is $3.95 and each additional book adds $0.95 to the total cost. Small quantity orders (under 5 books) are shipped by mail with no tracking available. Larger orders (over 5 books) include tracking when available. To determine your shipping costs quickly, consult the table immediately below to view the details. At this time, shipping is only available to locations within the United States (contiguous 48 States) and Canada. All pricing is in U.S. dollars.

Free Shipping for Schools (on qualifying quantities)

In order to further reduce shipping costs for schools, free shipping is currently available on minimum quantity orders. Since the average classroom size is about 24 students, we offer free shipping on all orders of 24 books and over. Offer subject to change without notice.

Quantity-base Shipping Table (includes Handling Charges)

QuantityService TypeDelivery Times*Cost
1Mail4 - 6 Days$3.95
2Mail4 - 6 Days$4.90
3Mail4 - 6 Days$5.85
4Mail4 - 6 Days$6.80
5Small Packet 5 - 8 Days$7.75
6Small Packet 5 - 8 Days$8.70
7Tracked Packet4 - 7 Days$9.65
8Tracked Packet4 - 7 Days$10.60
9Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$11.55
10Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$12.50
11Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$13.45
12Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$14.40
12Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$15.35
14Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$16.30
15Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$17.25
16Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$18.20
17Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$19.15
18Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$20.10
19Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$21.05
20Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$22.00
21Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$22.95
22Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$23.90
23Expedited Parcel4 - 7 Days$24.85
24+Expedited Parcel4 - 7 DaysFREE

* Delivery times are best estimates.

Tetractys Number Puzzle: A Mathematical Learning System for Students

Product Details

  • Publisher: POIS Research; First edition
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9959504-0-5
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.2"
  • Paperback: 64 pages in full color (Saddle Stitch)

  • Note: Dry Erase Marker and Dry Eraser not included.
Free Shipping for schools based on quantity sales. Learn how...