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  • Basic multiplication facts
  • Decimal positional notation
  • Problem-solving with abstraction
  • Rule-following with inferences
  • The multifunctional nature of digits
Ideal for all students:
  • Designed for students in Grades 4 and up
  • Suited to those who best learn both visually and tactilely
  • Combines the challenges of puzzle-solving with rule-following
  • Prepares the transition to more advanced mathematical skills

A New Way to Learn Math Concepts Better

The big leap in learning mathematics comes when the student finally sees the concrete representations of mathematics abstractly. The student can't do this without an appropriate symbolism that encapsulates both the concrete and the abstract.

The patent-pending Tetractys™ Number Puzzle has been designed to help students of arithmetic learn how to think abstractly. It does this through a simple rule which relates four digits to one another mathematically and logically, and this rule is both arbitrary and autonomous, just like the symbols it governs. The focus of this rule, and indeed the puzzle as a whole, is nothing other than an exploration of that symbolism, namely, the multifunctional nature of the digits which make up our fundamental representations of number. The Tetractys Number Puzzle builds and expands on this symbolism in order to teach abstract thinking about numbers and operations on numbers. It is in fact a mathematical learning system.

Understand it. Analyze it. Solve it.

    The Tetractys Number Puzzle contains 12 packed pages of detailed explanations on how to understand, analyze, and solve the puzzle. Once you go through the numerous examples, you are ready to tackle any of the 240 puzzles in this book... no guessing needed!

  • Fully illustrated introduction to the puzzle
  • Explains how puzzle works
  • Complete with many examples
  • Step-by-step analysis

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The Rule

TetractysTM Puzzle Analysis Template

    For those who want a little more structure to help solve the puzzles, the Tetractys Puzzle Analysis Template lays out the structure of the puzzle with easy-to-follow directions, so you can think through the puzzle both visually and tactilely.

  • Full-color laminated surface
  • Specially designed layout for analyzing puzzles
  • Use dry erase markers!
  • Do puzzles in any order, any number of times

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The Template

240 Puzzles in Rich, Full Color

    The Tetractys Number Puzzle includes 240 selected puzzles organized in an easy-to-understand reference system, so you can quickly find the solution to any puzzle in the book, whether using the specially designed template or mentally doing puzzles in your head.

  • 240 Puzzles in full color!
  • Puzzles with built-in solutions
  • Easy to find puzzles, search for solutions
  • Systematic puzzle referencing

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The System

Use Dry Erase Markers

The Tetractys Number Puzzle teaches how to think abstractly, and the process of learning this is as visual and tactile as learning anything else.

In fact, the Tetractys Puzzle Analysis Template has been designed to help students of arithmetic learn both visually and tactilely by having the student first visualize the structure of the puzzle's rule and then fill in the template tactilely using a dry erase marker. This is one of the best known ways to learn more deeply, and it allows the student to use as many senses as possible in order to understand and retain what is being learned. An additional benefit of using dry erase markers on a laminated template is that puzzles can be done in any order, any number of times.

Writing does matter in learning. Any kind of writing involving tactile feedback with hand movement, whether using a pen, pencil, or dry erase marker, unlike typing on a keyboard or touch screen, significantly increases performance in recalling facts and recognizing correct from incorrect forms. Despite digital technologies appearing to be cutting edge when it comes to learning, they continue to be outperformed by traditional technologies like pen on paper in terms of learning outcomes.

Tetractys Number Puzzle: A Mathematical Learning System for Students

Product Details

  • Publisher: POIS Research; First edition
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9959504-0-5
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.2"
  • Paperback: 64 pages in full color (Saddle Stitch)

  • Note: Dry Erase Marker and Dry Eraser not included.
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